Who are we?


The aim of Volunteering Hungary - Centre of Social Innovation (ÖKA) is to provide support to Hungarian volunteers and their host organisations with information¸ advice and training; to spread the culture of volunteer work¸ and its integration into our communities with private entities¸ civil organisations¸ institutions and businesses through concrete programmes.


ÖKA offers its services for all the different actors of society (individuals, NGOs, government, local authorities, institutions and companies).



Our core activities:


  • Recruitment, registration and referral of volunteers and registration of volunteer opportunities
  • Website and volunteer matchmaking database
  • Framing and review the legislation on volunteering
  • Educational and training program, organising accredited training programmes
  • Professional consultation with governmental institutions
  • Events, workshops and conferences on volunteering
  • Promotion campaigns and activities
  • Organising Pro Bono projects
  • Running a Corporate Volunteer Council


The beginning of ÖKA's history:


The preparations of the UN International Year of Volunteers 2001 started in Hungary in 2000. More than 70 civil and religious organizations, and the representatives or governmental bodies participated in the work.

During the Hungarian program series there has been many actions organised in the fields of professional, local, small and big settlement programs. Researches, studies and other professional documents were prepared. The year has also offered a great opportunity for drawing the attention of the government on the importance of the volunteers’ work, and the economic and social magnitude of volunteering.

It was stated during the year for the first time that in order to create the necessary infrastructure for volunteering and the development of the volunteering culture, a National Volunteer Centre is needed.

The cooperation and work of 5 non-profit organisations enabled the execution of this idea, so in September 2002 the Volunteering Hungary (ÖKA) could start its operation officially. Ever since ÖKA is running with a small, dedicated professional staff joined by many volunteers and experts. Our prirorities and activities changes from time to time, reflecting the on the needs from the society and our key partners. You can find detailed summary about each year's activity in our annual public benefit reports.



Members of the Board of Directors:


  • Edit Kovács – Hungarian Association for Community Development, President
  • Péter Holchacker, Phd. - Association of Innovative Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Director


Members of the Supervisory Committee:


  • Rita Gottgeisl (president) - Association of Tax Advisers, Head of Nonprofit Chapter, Bookkeeper, Aditor


The Team:


  • Brigitta Nagy, Project Assistant, Office Manager
  • Emese Farkas, Corporate Volunteer Programme Leader
  • Judit Tarcsai, Corporate Volunteer Programme Coordinator
  • Anna Czeitler, Financial Administrator (volunteer)

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